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The new DUO Add-Ons


We often identify during our analyses a nutrient deficiency that can promote problems for corals and undesired cyanobacteria or dinoflagellates.

To react to this situation, we have developed the Oceamo DUO add-ons Nitrogen and Phosphorus. The add-ons are packaged in a handy dosing syringe and are added to the DUO supply solutions according to instructions.

This results in many advantages:

  • Since DUO is dosed throughout the day, there is an even supply of nutrients. The availibility of nutrients is much more consistent than with occasional dosing

  • The DUO add-ons are very economical. On average, 10 liters of DUO can be supplemented with nutrients with one syringe unit.

  • In the syringe, the nutrient solutions are safely packed, eliminating the need for preservatives.

  • DUO add-ons are easy to use, with detailed instructions included with the product.

  • No extra daily care needed, automatic dosage via the Reef Care System DUO.

Due to the add-ons, DUO is flexibly supplemented with nitrogen or phosphorus- simply by mixing them into the DUO canisters or bottles. Very efficient and easy to use.

DUO add-ons are developed to be used in combination with the basic DUO system. Alternatively the add-ons can be diluted with RO water to generate a stand-alone dosing solution. The product is not suitable for direct (undiluted) dosing due to the risk of overdosing.

Expert information:

What amounts of nutrients are dosed by DUO Add-ON P and N? In the first row read the daily consumption (or the daily dosage of DUO), in the first column the add-on amount per 1l DUO: So you can easily see what amount of phosphate or nitrogen (given as nitrate equivalents) should be dosed per day.


For more questions dont hesitate to contact us!

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