The new DUO Add-Ons


We often identify during our analyses a nutrient deficiency that can promote problems for corals and undesired cyanobacteria or dinoflagellate.

To react to this situation, we have developed the Oceamo DUO add-ons Nitrogen and Phosphorus. The add-ons are packaged in a handy dosing syringe and are added to the DUO supply solutions according to instructions.

This results in many advantages:

  • Since DUO is dosed throughout the day, there is an even supply of nutrients. The availibility of nutrientsis much more consistent than with occasional dosing

  • The DUO add-ons are very economical. On average, 10 liters of DUO can be supplemented with nutrients with one syringe unit.

  • In the syringe, the nutrient solutions are safely packed, eliminating the need for preservatives.

  • DUO add-ons are easy to use, with detailed instructions included with the product.

  • No extra daily care needed, automatic dosage via the Reef Care System DUO.

Additionally, a DUO add-on with the Barium element is available.


Barium is increased in many reef aquariums, which is why we have deliberately not integrated this element into our primary care DUO. However, there are tanks where barium is below optimal, and regular barium dosing (coupled with calcium) makes sense. Through the DUO add-on Barium the Reef Care System DUO can be supplemented by barium. Also this add-on is very economic (10 liters DUO).

Due to the add-ons, DUO is flexibly supplemented with nitrogen, phosphorus or barium - simply by mixing them into the DUO canisters or bottles. Very efficient and easy to use.

DUO add-ons can only be used in combination with the basic DUO system. The product is not suitable for direct dosing or dilution with osmosis water!

Expert information:

What amounts of nutrients are dosed by DUO Add-ON P and N? In the first row read the daily consumption (or the daily dosage of DUO), in the first column the add-on amount per 1l DUO: So you can easily see what amount of phosphate or nitrogen (given as nitrate equivalents) should be dosed per day.


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