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Oceamo is partnering with Aquabiomics


Update 12/2023: We ahve suspended the partnership with Aquabiomics. - Samples are not forwarded into the USA anymore. When you are having a Aquabiomics testkit purchased from Oceamo at home, contact us please. 

For some time Dr. Eli Meyer (Marine biologist with several Publications and specialized in the microbiome of coral) is offering "Community-analyses" of reef tank micobiomes with his company Aquabiomics.


Oceamo is working together with Aquabiomics and makes this novel technique available for European hobbyists for the first time.


Together we can offer together a yet unprecedented spectrum of chemical and biological information about your reef tank (Oceamo chemical seawater analysis & Aquabiomics microbiome analysis).

1: How does the Aquabiomics analysis work?


Similar to the Oceamo seawater laboratory test a  sampling-kit must be obtained. Using the sampling kit microorganisms from the water column are collected on a special filter, and in addition a swipe sample is taken from the inside of your return line.  Both samples are preserved using a fixative.

The sampling procedure can be seen in this video:

Afterwards the sample is sent to Oceamo.  We forward your sample to the Aquabiomics laboratory in the US. Of course we are also here to support in case there are any questions.


Make sure your sample arrives timely before the next shipment to Aquabiomics USA.


2. What happens in the Aquabiomics laboratory?


The DNA (genetic information) is isolated from your samples. Afterwards the DNA is processed using a technique called Next generation Sequencing (NGS). Within the last years DNA sequencing has been greatly enhanced and accelerated which allows this powerful technique to be offered for a very reasonable price. 

NGS delivers a very large dataset, which is afterwards analyzed bioinformatically. As a result DNA in your sample can be matched strains of bacteria. So it is possible to find out which bacteria (and in which relative abundance) populate your reef tank. This is called the "bacterial community" or micobiome of your reef tank.


This allows a whole new perspective of your reef tank that will likely contribute to pinpoint and correct issues in your aquarium.

3. What is contained within the Aquabiomics analysis report?


You are getting an overview regarding the diversity of bacteria in your reef tank, and also a comparison to the average reef tank. A high diversity of bacteria is considered a very positive factor. Detected strains of bacteria are listed within the report.


In addition ammonia and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria as well as known coral- and fish pathogenic bacteria are analyzed and displayed in the report in dedicated categories.


Every report is accompanied by a personal interpretation from Dr. Eli Meyer, based data and information from your tank. This personal interpretation (which you might already know from Oceamo seawater analysis) is very helpful to utilize the results (even without any biological background) and puts "the numbers into a context".

A example report and interpretation can be found here:

4. Are "only" bacteria detected/analyzed?


Within the standard Aquabiomics analysis  prokaryotes (bacteria) are considered. The analysis for eukaryotes is currently in beta testing phase. - This eukaryote test is currently included in the aquabiomics analysis free of charge.


Thus the DNA of typical fish parasites such as Cryptocarypon irritans (marine whitespot disease), Amyloodinium ocellatum (marine velvet disease), Uronema marinum,... and from coral parasites such as acropora eating flatworm (AEFW) or montipora eating nudibranchs can be detected.


5. How long does the Aquabiomics analysis take?


The analysis takes longer compared to ICP analyses. This is due to transportation into the USA but also the process of DNA extraction, sequencing and data processing requires time. Turnaround can be up to 4-6 weeks, but will typically be shorter.


In case of any questions just contact us at

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