Guest appearances & other informative videos

Discover the world of Oceamo and learn more about our products through our guest appearances in popular marine aquarium VLOGs and podcasts.

Seawater chemistry consultation hour #1

We are happy to present our new format in co-operation with Mark Flato from the Meerwasser Aquaristik Kanal. In this live stream we answer your questions about seawater chemistry.
Thank you very much for the many exciting topics you have brought us for this premiere!

Beyond the Reef

In this VLOG episode I talk to Adam Sutherland from Beyond the Reef about Oceamo and our ICP-MS and laboratory analyses, which are the recommended test method for Reef Moonshiners. Together we discuss Adam’s latest ICP results.

Reefing Made Simple

In this episode of the Reefing Made Simple podcast, we talk about our innovative water analyses and how they improve the maintenance of marine aquariums. Corey from White Corals was also present.

Polo Reef – Hardcore water chemistry

We are very proud that Andrew Sandler and his team at Polo Reef trust Oceamo ICP-MS seawater analysis and use it as an essential part of their aquarium maintenance. Enjoy an in- depth interview with Adam.

Lime water (Kalkwasser) method

We were once again guests of Mark Flato in the Meerwasser Aquaristik Kanal and answered your questions about the ‘lime water (Kalkwasser) method’.

Q&A with Mark Flato

IIn the Q&A video with Mark Flato from the Meerwasser Aquaristik Kanal, I answer your questions about our products at Oceamo. Topics include the Oceamo DUO supply system, Oceamo Regulator A & O, Oceamo ICP-MS and the PS T5 lighting above the show tank. Take a look to learn more!

Mark Flato about Oceamo Corrector

Here you will find detailed instructions from Mark Flato in the Meerwasser Aquaristik Kanal on how to use the Oceamo Corrector, the innovative and flexible system for producing seawater.

Oceamo Corrector insights

What is Oceamo Corrector? This is what we explain to you in this short video with Mark Flato from the Meerwasser Aquaristik Kanal

Correctly adapt seawater fish after a long transport

Properly adapting seawater fish after a long transport is not easy and can often lead to mistakes that harm the fish. That is why we have taken up this topic and show you how to safely and correctly acclimatise fish.

Explanation of the Oceamo analysis portal

Brief introduction to our analysis portal We explain how you can
– view your analyses,
– upload your “old” analyses,
– view the time history of the measured values,
-and submit new analyses.

A look behind the scenes

In this VLOG episode of the Meerwasser Aquaristik Kanal, we present Christoph’s personal aquarium and give you an insight into the care and technology behind it. You will also get exclusive insights into our highly modern laboratory.

How do I start a seawater aquarium correctly?

Starting a seawater aquarium properly requires careful planning and knowledge. Many mistakes can lead to problems that harm the sensitive sea animals. In this video from Meerwasser Aquaristik Kanalwe give you tips on how to set up a seawater aquarium safely and successfully.

Sampling explained

We explain on the Meerwasser Aquaristik Kanal how to take the water sample for the Oceamo ICP analysis correctly and how you should avoid various mistakes.

We explain the new ICP-MS to you

In this VLOG episode of the Meerwasser Aquaristik Kanal we show you how we make full use of ICP-MS to carry out analyses in marine aquaristics. Learn what differentiates ICP-MS from conventional ICP-OES and why it is so groundbreaking.