Welcome to the Oceamo Laboratory

We conduct modern instrumental analysis in our laboratory (including a Dual-View-ICP-OES and an IC-ECD-UV/VIS) to learn more about the ecosystem reef and your aquarium. By controlling macro elements, nutrients, trace elements and potential pollutants you can optimize your aquarium and help your reef to the utmost splendor. Take a look at our lab:



























We can reliably determine fluoride, nitrite and nitrate in low concentrations with our ion chromatography.


Comprehensive advice: we explain what the measured values ​​mean and how you can further improve your aquarium.


Save postage costs! - Hand over your sample to the local Oceamo Partner.


Additional photometric analysis of phosphate. This gives you a very reliable phosphate value.


Extensive quality control. Standard practice from the field of pharmaceutical production.


Fast processing time. You get your results at a time when they are still relevant to your aquarium.


Reliable analysis results through filtration during sampling. We explain you the importance of this in this video (German only)


Scientifically sound methodology. Guaranteed by a decade of experience in research and pharmaceutical production, (PhD of chemical engineering).


Honest values. We only give decimals if they are meaningful and reliable. No deception of the customer.


We check unusual readings with a B sample. No false alarms due to incorrect results.


10 good reasons for Oceamo

Through our experience (PhD in Chemistry, more than 10 years of experience in research and pharmaceutical production) and 20 years of practice in analytical chemistry, we can guarantee you a meticulous analytical methodology. This ranges from sampling through planning and execution of the analysis to the interpretation of the results.

You don’t have to be a chemist to understand an Oceamo analysis: you do not just get a long list of results from us. - We take the time to explain divergent readings and to find out the reasons for them together with you.

Oceamo helps you to better understand your aquarium.

Here you can find out more about our analyzes.