Every aquarium is different. Depending on the stocking, maintenance measures and microbiome of your tank, different elements are consumed at different rates. The analytical methods used by Oceamo allow accurate determination of macro and trace elements.

Based on your analysis, we prepare Oceamo Custom Elements for you, which contain all the components you need to optimise all (trace) elements in your aquarium. We use precise weights and ultra-pure chemicals for this purpose.

In connection with an ICP-MS analysis result, our Custom Elements achieve even more: You not only receive an individual solution for raising the deficiency parameters to the target value, but also an adapted solution for the ongoing supply of ultra-trace elements (for 100 days).

Each production is documented by a batch record and precisely controlled, which provides the greatest possible safety for the end customer. Thus you supply your corals with all trace elements missing, and thus support health, color and growth.

Depending on the ingredients, Custom Elements consist of 1-4 containers, the content of which are dosed to the aquarium in a spot with high flow-through, such as the sump, within a specified time interval (usually 10-20 days).

The following elements are adjusted by the custom elements:

Macro elements: calcium, magnesium, bromide, boron, potassium, strontium
Trace elements: lithium, rubidium, barium, vandadium, zinc, molybdenum, fluoride, iodide

and based ion an Oceamo ICP-MS analysis: Chromium, cobalt, iron, manganese, selenium, caesium, tin, nickel

In order to adapt the Oceamo Custom Elements as exactly as possible to your aquarium, we need the most accurate volume indication of the tank. If you do not know the net volume of your aquarium, please contact your Aquarist Shop. You can also get in touch with us, we are happy to help.

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