Neodymium: A new element on your ICP-MS analysis report

Hello everyone! Since very recently we are also measuring the element neodymium with our ICP-MS analysis service (Seawater and Freshwater)

Neodymium belongs to the rare earth metals. Its main use is in very strong permanent magnets (so called neodymium boron iron magnets), which are often also used in and around the aquarium. Elevated levels of neodymium point towards a corroding magnet.

Several studies were published on the toxicity of neodymium. In this paper the accumulation of neodymium in marine mussels is described, which leads to significant changes in metabolism and oxidative stress.

Fot this reason elevated Nd levels should be avoided in aquaria.

Our limit of detection for neodymium is ~0,015 µg/l which allows save quantification, even at very low levels.

All the best,