We have enlarged our product range and would like to briefly introduce the new products:

Oceamo NOION mixed bed resin 5000 ml and 1000 ml

Is a laboratory-tested and effective mixed-bed resin for use as the last filter stage behind the osmosis system. NOION reliably removes the remaining components from osmosis water in order to produce ultrapure water for aquaristic purposes. NOION has an excellent price-performance ratio and is available in 1000 ml and 5000 ml.

Oceamo 35 psu conductivity reference

Incorrect measurement of the salinity often leads to problems in saltwater aquaria. – As more and more people rely on salinity measurement using conductivity probes, a solution to control and calibrate these electrodes is extremely important in order to obtain reliable measurement results. Oceamo 35 psu conductivity reference is available in 250 ml units.

Oceamo Single Elements Molybdenum and Manganese 250 ml

Frequently requested and now added to our our offer:

Molybdenum as an Oceamo Single Element for the specific adjustment of the molybdenum level in the aquarium. Molybdenum is an essential trace element, which is exists in natural seawater in a concentration of around 15 µg/l. Lack of molybdenum can cause problems of corals with LPS being particularly sensitive. Single Element Molybdenum contains a readily bioavailable source of molybdenum.

In addition, Single Elements Manganese is now also available in 250 ml units and is therefore better suited for small aquaria.

The new products are available in our webshop and at special dealers.

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