We had the opportunity to visit Andrew Sandler’s Polo Reef in the USA, the world’s largest private reef aquarium with over 64,000 liters.

Andrew’s vision for Polo Reef goes beyond creating an underwater paradise. He is committed to educating aquarists on sustainable reef care. He and his team regularly publish new insights, experiences, and techniques on various channels to share knowledge with the community.

We are very proud that Andrew and his team trust the Oceamo ICP-MS seawater analysis and use it as an essential part of aquarium maintenance.

Andrew Sandler allowed us to explore the beauty and complexity of his reef aquarium. He took the opportunity to conduct an in-depth interview with Dr. Christoph Denk about reef chemistry and ICP analysis. You can watch the video – in English – here:

Find out more about the „Polo Reef“ project at www.poloreef.com or on Instagram.

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