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Product information "Apogee PAR/Quantummeter MQ-510" (loan device)


Our test conditions apply. The conditions in detail:


  • The rental period is five daysupon receipt of the test device. After this time, please send the device, including accessories and packaging, back to us with the enclosed DPD label . Simply stick it on the parcel and hand it in at a DPD parcel shop. The shipping was paid by us and is for you for free.
  • The offer can only be used within Austria(for German customers there is a loan option from our partner
  • Note that you are using the device's sensorrinse with osmosis water after useso that we can enjoy it for a long time. the sensorNotwipe (with cloth, kitchen roll, handkerchief, etc - only rinse with osmosis water!)
  • The sensor holder, pleaseNotdisassemble
  • We will charge for a late return 12 euros per day including VAT. This late fee cannot be applied to future orders. Don't worry, you don't pay for mistakes made by the shipping service provider, we use the tracking to see when the PAR meter was abandoned.
  • If the device is not returned to us within 14 days of receipt, we reserve the right to charge the new price of the device.
  • We ask you to send the device and accessories back to us completely, as these are active parts that will continue to be made available for other customers to rent. Therefore, please handle our devices with care, you will also be happy about a device that is in very good condition. :-)
  • In the event of loss or damage, the regular purchase price of the device minus the rental fee applies.


Product Information

The MQ-510 quantum meter is designed for underwater PAR measurements and already applies the sensor's diving effect correction factor to the displayed results via the firmware. The meter consists of a waterproof quantum sensor connected to a handheld meter via a waterproof cable. The waterproof sensor consists of a blue-enhanced silicon photodiode and  optical filters with a rugged, anodized aluminum housing with an acrylic diffuser. The underwater quantum sensor is typically used in marine aquariums where corals are grown.


Note: The handheld meter is not waterproof, only the sensor and cable are waterproof. The device must be protected against splashing water! If the device is damaged due to improper handling, we reserve the right to charge the new price of the device.


expiry of the rental(ATTENTION: Only possible within Austria! - fFor German customers there is a loan option from our


- Order the rental device in the online shop  (please ask in advance about the next available dates).

- We will then contact you by phone to arrange a handover date (or shipping date). 

- You receive the device with a probe holder and can carry out measurements in the aquarium for 5 days

- Clean the device according to the instructions and please treat it carefully

- Attach the return label to the device and hand in the package to a DPD shop. Please clarify in advance whether a DPD location is available in your area.


Price incl. VAT.


Technical specifications
Calibration uncertainty ± 5%
Measuring range 0 to 4000 µmol m-2 s-1
Measurement repeatability Less than 0.05%
Long term drift (unstability) Less than 2% per year
Nonlinearity Less than 1% (up to 4000 µmol m-2 s-1)
Response time Less than 1 ms
Viewing angle 180
Spectral range 389 to 692 nm ± 5 nm (wavelengths where sensitivity is greater than 50%)
Spectral selectivity Less than 10% from 412 to 682 nm ± 5 nm
Pointing error (cosine) Less than ± 5% at 75° zenith angle at 10% from 412 to 682 nm ± 5 nm
Azimuth Error Less than 0.5%
Tilt error Less than 0.5%
Temperature behavior -0.11 ± 0.04% C-1
Uncertainty in daily totals less than 5%
Detector Blue-enhanced silicon photodiode
Body Anodized aluminum body with acrylic diffuser
Degree of protection IP68
operating environment 0 to 50 C; less than 90% non-condensing relative humidity up to 30 C; less than 70% non-condensing relative humidity from 30 to 50 C; separate sensors can be submerged in water to a depth of 30 m.
meter dimensions 126 mm length; 70mm width; 24mm Eight
Sensor Dimensions 24mm diameter; 37mm height
Mass 180g
Cable 2 m two-core, shielded, twisted pairs; additional cable cores available; Santoprene rubber jacket


Text adapted with permission from

Apogee MQ-510 PAR Meter Loaner

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