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Danger: The upgrade is only available in conjunction with aOceamo Seawater Analysisusable!


With the Oceamo ICP-MS upgrade, your seawater analysis willICP-MS (instead of ICP-OES)carried out.ICP-MS(ICP with mass spectrometry) is significantly more sensitive, and offers up to10000 times lower detection limitsas ICP-OES. 


This results in the followingAdvantages:


-  Important trace elements  can be reliably measured in the relevant concentration range. This is a great advantage especially for the measurement of selenium, chromium, cobalt, copper and nickel.  Many of these elements can be OES can only be measured when these are elevated.Using ICP-MS, we can also reliably diagnose a deficiency in these elements.


-Toxic heavy metals  (such as mercury, thallium, bismuth, lead, thorium, uranium, ...)can already be reliably detected in very low concentrations. - And thus long before problems are caused in the pelvis.


- The measurement of other elements(such as cesium, tellurium, cerium and ruthenium)is enabled by ICP-MS.


The sensitive measurement of the trace elements also enables a targeted adjustment of the ultra-trace elements. 


Performing the upgrade:


Enter the analysis number(number on the tubes)into the field . After purchasing the upgrade, it is active. The upgrade must be purchased before the sample reaches our lab.  


Price incl. VAT.




Note: The upgrade can only be used in combination with an Oceano Seawater LaboratoryAnalysis


Using theoceano ICP MS upgradeyour sample will be analyzed using ICP-MS (instead of ICP-OES).ICP-MS(ICP with mass spectrometry) is byOrders of magnitude more sensitive compared to ICP-OES, and allows up to 10,000-fold lower limits of detection.


This brings the followingadvantages:


-  Optimum trace element concentrations are often below the limit of detection in ICP-OES analysis.Important trace elements can be measured with ICP-MS in the relevant concentration range in a reliable way. Those ultra traces include Selenium, Chromium, Copper, Cobalt and Nickel. 


-Toxic heavy metals (like Mercury, Thallium, Bismuth, Lead, Thorium, Uranium, ...)can be detected at very low concentrations with ICP-MS(allowing counter-acting long before issues in your reef inhabitants appear)


- ICP-MS allows to measure additional elements which can play a role in aquarium husbandry (like cesium, tellurium, cerium and ruthenium).


To upgrade your analysis enter the analysis number (alphanumerical code on the sample vials). The upgrade must be paid before the sample arrives in our lab.


Price includes VAT

ICP-MS upgrade for Oceamo Classic seawater analysis

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