ICP-MS upgrade for Oceamo freshwater analysis


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With the Oceamo ICP-MS upgrade, your analysis will ICP-MS (instead of ICP-OES) carried out.

ICP-MS (ICP with mass spectrometry) is significantly more sensitive, and offers up to10000 times lower detection limits as ICP-OES.

This results in the following advantages:
– Important trace elements can be reliably measured in the relevant concentration range. This is a great advantage, especially for the measurement of selenium, chromium, cobalt, copper and nickel. Many of these elements can only be detected by ICP-OES if they are elevated. Using ICP-MS, we can also reliably diagnose a deficiency of these elements.
Toxic heavy metals (such as mercury, thallium, bismuth, lead, thorium, uranium, …) can be reliably detected even at very low concentrations. – And thus long before problems are caused in the aquarium.
The measurement of other elements (such as caesium, tellurium, cerium and ruthenium) is made possible by ICP-MS.
The sensitive measurement of trace elements also makes it possible to adjust the ultra-trace elements in a targeted manner.

Performing the upgrade:
Attention: The upgrade is only available in conjunction with an Oceamo freshwater analysis (osmosis water or freshwater aquarium)!

Enter the analysis number (number on the tubes) in the field. The upgrade is active after purchase.
The upgrade must be purchased before the sample arrives at our laboratory.

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Type of water

fresh water, Osmosis water

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