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Oceamo 35.0 ppt Salinity reference for refractometers


A stable (and correct) salinity is an important basis for successful reef aquaristics. However, we often observe in our laboratory analyzes that the salinity value deviates significantly from the optimal value. In order to guarantee correct salinity in the reef aquarium, the measuring equipment should be constantly checked and also calibrated.


Oceamo 35.0 ppt salinity reference was developed for thedeveloped simple and safe calibration of refractometers.By packaging in a resealable syringe is the referenceeasy to use, extremely productive(only a few drops are needed), and also very durable.


Price incl. VAT plus shipping costs. Product immediately available. Delivery time approx. 2 to 4 days


Safety instructions:


  • For use in reef aquariums only!
  • Do not leave it in the reach of the children!
  • Not classified as hazardous according to GHS/CLP

35.0 ppt salinity reference for refractometers

1 Liter
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