Single Elements Rubidium (250 ml)


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Rubidium water supplement for reef aquaria

Product series for all aquarists who like to adjust and optimize individual parameters in a targeted manner. Single Elements are made from high-quality raw materials and contain the respective element in a form and concentration that is easy to use for reef aquaristics.

1 ml Single Elements Rubidium increases the rubidium content in 100 l of aquarium water by 5 µg/l. The dosage is dependent on need.

We recommend a maximum daily increase of 25 µg/l Rubidium (5 ml/100l daily).

Like all of our water supplements, Rubidium Supplement undergoes rigorous quality control in our laboratory. – Quality “made in Austria”.

Safety instructions:

  • For use in reef aquaria only!
  • Do not leave it in the reach of the children!
  • Not classified as hazardous according to GHS/CLP

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