Single Elements Selenium, 1000 ml


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Selenium water supplement for reef aquaria

For the targeted supply of the reef aquarium with the Ultra trace element selenium, which can be measured in the relevant area by the Oceamo ICP-MS analysis. Selenium is primarily associated with antioxidant properties.

1 ml per 100 l increases the selenium content by 0.05 µg/l. Dosage depending on need. We recommend a selenium concentration in the reef aquarium of 0.2-0.5 µg/l.

ATTENTION: Selenium can only be reliably detected by ICP-MS analysis. The optimal range is well below the detection limit of ICP-OES. Single elements selenium should therefore only be dosed after an analysis using ICP-MS.
We recommend a maximum daily increase of 0.05 µg/l selenium (1 ml/100l daily).

Like all of our water supplements, the selenium supplement goes through rigorous quality control in our laboratory. – Quality “made in Austria”.

Safety instructions:

  • For use in reef aquaria only!
  • Do not leave it in the reach of the children!
  • Not classified as hazardous according to GHS/CLP

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Weight 1100 g
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