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Oceamo Regulator A+O

With Oceamo Regulator, your reef aquarium is optimally supplied with inorganic trace elements (by regulator A) and organic nutrients and iodine (regulator O). - The alpha and omega of the extended reef supply!

Together, Regulator A and Regulator O are a strong combination and the perfect complement to the Oceamo Reef Care System DUO.


However, Regulator A + O is flexible and can therefore be used in combination with other systems such as the classical balling method or with calcium reactors.




Regulator A contains essential inorganic trace elements for a reef aquarium in bioavailable form. Inorganic trace elements are rapidly consumed with good coral growth and must therefore be regularly supplemented to continue to ensure good growth, polyp structure and color of the corals. Inorganic trace elements form active centers of enzymes, and are therefore required for a variety of metabolic processes in reef aquaria, such as photosynthesis.

Regulator A can be used as sole supply of trace elements, but we recommend the use together with Oceamo Regulator O.

Regulator O provides organic molecules such as amino acids and a wide variety of carbon sources to the corals and the entire reef aquarium in close-to-nature concentration and proportions. This stimulates the metabolism and growth, which makes it easier to break down inorganic nutrients in excess (phosphate and nitrate).

At the same time, Oceamo Regulator O provides a modern nitrogen source in nutrient-poor tanks, which corals can use well. In addition, regulator O contains a basic supply of bioavailable iodine.

All raw materials and products undergo strict quality control in our laborytory (using ICP-OES and other methods). This enables us to guarantee the consistently high quality of our products.

Oceamo Regulator A and O are ideally used combined with the Oceamo Reef Care System DUO, but can also be used with any conventional balling method or even calcium reactors.

How is Oceamo Regulator dosed?

Oceamo Reagulator is typically dosed in an amount of 0.5 ml per 100 l water. We recommend manual dosing with a syringe. Initially you should start with reduced dosage, so that the reef aquarium can get used to the supplied trace elements and nutrients.

Initial dosing:


Week 1: 0.1 ml / 100 l of water volume

Week 2: 0.3 ml / 100 l of water volume

Week 3: 0.4 ml / 100 l of water volume

from week 4: 0.5 ml / 100 l of water volume

In some tanks it may be useful to increase the daily dosage of regulator A + O. However, we clarify this individually.

Can Regulator A + O be mixed to simplify dosage?

Oceamo Reagulator A + O can be mixed in a 1:1 ratio to simplify daily dosing. However, this mixture has a limited shelf life due to the interaction between the amino acids and trace metals. We therefore recommend to prepare the 1:1 mixture fresh every 7 days.

Oceamo Regulator will:

  • Ensure the supply of the trace elements chromium, cobalt, iron, copper, lithium, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium, tin and zinc in bioavailable form.

  • Provide the aquarium with all natural proteinogenic amino acids in a near-natural concentration, which serves as a high-quality source of nitrogen and carbon, and is directly available to corals.

  • Stimulate the metabolism by a variety of other carbon and organic nitrogen compounds (mono- and oligosaccharides, short-chain organic acids, non-proteinogenic amino acids, ...).

  • Increase nutrient turnover in the aquarium.

  • Ensure basic supply with the important trace element iodine.

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