ICP-MS water analysis set

We help you to understand your aquarium exactly.

We offer you water analysis with modern analysis methods (ICP-MS, ICP-OES, ion chromatography with UV detection and more), Scientifically based methodology with the highest quality standards and competent advice on your analysis results!

We offer you effective care for your saltwater aquarium.

We offer you an effective supply for your seawater aquarium.

The Oceamo DUO system supplies the aquarium with calcium, alkalinity (KH), as well as with all bulk elements (potassium, strontium, boron, magnesium, …).

With Oceamo Regulator your reef aquarium is optimally supplied with inorganic trace elements, organic nutrients and iodine.

With Oceamo Reactor A & O you can optimally supplement a calcium reactor or the lime water method.

We have solutions for optimal water values in your saltwater aquarium.

We have solutions for optimal waterparameters of your seawater aquarium.

Based on your water analysis, we can help you optimize your aquarium.

We prepare customised Custom Elements for you, which contain exactly the right substances to raise all (trace) elements in your aquarium to the optimum level.

Satisfied aquarists about us:

“…While many of the current crop of companies may be fine, I have the most confidence in Oceamo due to Christoph’s clear chemistry knowledge and openness to show things like variability analysis to us in the chemistry forum.”

Randy Holmes-Farley

“We are using Oceamo ICP-MS testing on our seawater systems, and we are very happy with consistency and accuracy of the results. I can highly recommend the service.”

Andrew Sandler, Polo Reef NY

“I have been using Oceamo Corrector to reduce potentially harmful elevated potassium levels in my reef tank.

It worked excellently with just a few water changes. All other water parameters remained unchanged or even improved.”

Lasse F., Marine Aquarist, Sweden

“…I have now been through everything ICP has to offer for over 8 years and I have to honestly say… I have never received a clearer, more simply structured analysis report that is reduced to important key statements 👍

Chapeau Oceamo, really great ✅ one can see that you really enjoy it 😉”

Michael Schmitz
“The Oceamo ICP-MS analysis revealed a selenium deficiency. Since the dosage of selenium, growth and alkalinity consumption have increased significantly.”
Matthias B., 500l reeftank

“There was massive coral death in our aquarium. Using the Oceamo ICP-MS analysis we were able to find the reason: an increased thallium concentration. Once the cause had been eliminated, the reef aquarium went on a steep upswing.’

Kerstin B., 675l Reefaquarium

News from Oceamo

The Oceamo analysis portal simplifies the handling of your water analyses

Create an account in the Oceamo portal and you can easily:

  • Send in water samples
  • Receive the results directly over the portal
  • Upload previously conducted analyses (from mid-2020) yourself
  • Assign analyses to different aquariums

  • Show the progression of the values ​​graphically.

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Why should you choose Oceamo?

There are several reasons why you should choose Oceamo.
Here are the most important advantages at a glance:

The Oceamo laboratory

Our modern laboratory offers a variety of analysis methods to optimize your aquarium. With our focus on the (reef) aquarium ecosystem, we monitor bulk elements, nutrients, trace elements and potential pollutants.

Thanks to our many years of experience in analytical chemistry, we can guarantee conscientious methodology. From sampling to interpreting the results, we are at your side and explain any deviating measurement values. With our broad portfolio of analytical methods, we can meet your individual requirements.

Understand your aquarium
even better

choose your laboratory analysis

Improve the supply to your reef aquarium

benefit from Oceamo DUO and Regulator

Optimize your aquarium with tailor-made solutions

Custom elements based on your analysis results

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