Oceamo Corrector

The innovative and flexible system for the production of sea water.

Consisting of a 10-fold liquid concentrate (Corrector ZERO) with perfectly adjusted (by ICP-MS) and homogeneous major and trace elements – but zero values for KH, calcium and potassium. The desired values for KH, Calcium and Potassium are set via concentrates (Corrector Modifier) in a flexible way.

What are the advantages of Oceamo Corrector:

  • Optimal trace element profile: Even ultra-trace elements are optimally adjusted based on ICP-MS measurements, homogeneous and reproducible from batch to batch
  • Effective and fast correction of increased water values (Ca, KH, K) even with small water changes.
  • Water changes can be planned perfectly with our online calculator

  • Water changes with desired values: prevent fluctuations!

  • No elevated manganese and iron levels
  • Made from high-purity pharmaceutical salts
  • Ideal for initial filling reef aquariums: The best possible start with optimal values!

How is Oceamo Corrector different
from traditional salts?

The Corrector System is not comparable to other sea salts and liquid concentrates. Through ICP-MS guided production the trace element profile is optimally adjusted – down to the ultra-trace elements such as cesium, cobalt, chromium, copper, selenium and tin.

Also unique is the possibility to freely choose calcium, potassium and KH values. This allows water changes to be carried out with the desired composition, and so fluctuations are prevented. But even more important is the possibility to effectively reduce excessively high levels of calcium, potassium and KH with comparatively very low water change volumes. ​

How is Oceamo Corrector seawater mixed? ​ ​

Preparing Corrector seawater is simple and fast.

The 10-fold concentrate Oceamo Corrector ZERO is mixed with RO water. In order to produce 100 l of corrector sea water, 10 l (equivalent to 12 kg) of Corrector ZERO and 90 liters of high-quality RODI water are required.

Then the desired values of calcium, KH and potassium are set with the Corrector Modifiers. In order to produce optimal seawater, 250 ml of each of the modifiers are required for 100l of finished seawater. Thus 425 mg/l calcium, an alkalinity of 7.5 dKH and 390 mg/l potassium are adjusted.

Deviating compositions (e.g. to correct water values in the done) can easily be planned with the Corrector Calculator.

The modifier can be measured using a measuring cylinder or syringe (depending on the required volume). It is important to rinse the measuring cylinder (or the syringe) with RO water in between, since the different modifier solutions form precipitates when they come into direct contact. The seawater should also always be mixed well when adding the modifiers (e.g. using a flow pump).

The potassium level in my aquarium is too high.
How can I lower elevated levels of potassium using Oceamo Corrector?

Potassium is an important macroelement – however if the concentration is too high, it can lead to losses of fish and corals. Safe lowering is therefore important in the case of increased concentrations. We recommend a potassium concentration of 390-410 mg/l with typical salinities in reef aquariums.

In order to lower potassium (or also KH or Ca), only comparatively few/small water changes are required with Oceamo Corrector. The required water changes (and the necessary “recipes” for making Oceamo Corrector) can easily be planned using our Calculation tool.

The following example shows how quickly and effectively increased values can be reduced with Oceamo Corrector. In a reef aquarium, the potassium concentration is 600 mg/l. After just four 10% water changes with Oceamo Corrector, potassium can be reduced to a harmless level (with conventional salt mixtures, significantly more water changes are required).This saves working time and costs.

What is the salinity of Oceamo Corrector?

Oceamo Corrector seawater produced with the “standard recipe” (10 l ZERO und 250 ml of each modifier per 100 l total volume) has a salinity of 33.5 psu – in our opinion, this slightly lower salinity is optimal for reef aquariums. If a salinity of 35 psu is desired, ZERO needs to be dosed slightly higher (10.6 l per 100 l of finished Corrector seawater).

Since calcium, potassium and alkalinity also have an influence on the salinity, the salinity measurement in Corrector seawater (if used to correct water values) is not effective. We recommend implementing the calculated recipes 1:1.

How is the elemental composition of Oceamo Corrector?

Oceamo Corrector is manufactured “ICP-MS guided”: This gives us full control down to very low concentration ranges (ultra trace elements). The typical composition regarding major and trace elements is:

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