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ICP-MS now also available for freshwater samples

Its now also possible to use the very high detection power of ICP-MS (ICP mass spectrometry) for your freshwater samples.

So it is possible to detect and reliably quantify trace elements at ultra-low concentration levels. Furthermore problematic pollutants such as lead, arsenic and many more can also be detected at very low concentration.

This service is very useful for freshwater aquaria and also for source water monitoring (RO water, tap water, groundwater...)

You can upgrade the Oceamo source (RO) water analysis and Oceamo freshwater tank analysis to ICP-MS here.

Here you can seen an example analysis: The water is from the River "Pielach", a in many parts natural river in Austria with very good water quality,

Download PDF • 119KB

The Pielach, a habitat for many freshwater fish species.

The Pielach, a habitat for many freshwater fish species.

Are you having any questions? We are happy to help!

best regards,

Christoph and the Team from Oceamo


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