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Every aquarium is different.Depending on the stocking and microbiome of your tank, different elements are consumed at different rates. The analyzers used by Oceamo allow for an accurate determination of the macro and trace elements.


Based on your analysis, we produce the Oceamo Custom Elements for you, which contains all components to raise all element values in your aquarium to an optimal value.


In connection with an ICP-MS analysis result, our Custom Elements  do even more: You not only receive an individual solution for raising the deficiency parameters to the target value, but also an adapted one Solution for the ongoing supply of ultra-trace elements (for 100 days).


Each unit Oceamo Custom Elements is custom-made, tailor-made for your pool. In this way you supply your corals with all the missing trace elements and promote color and growth.

The Custom Elements consist depending on the ingredients of 1-4 containers, which are placed in the aquarium at a specified time interval (usually spread over several days) at a well-flowing location such as the technical tank be added.

The following elements are customized by Custom Elements:


set elements:  Magnesium, bromide, boron, potassium, strontium

trace elements:  lithium, rubidium, barium, vanadium, zinc , fluoride, iodine, molybdenum


additionally based on an Oceamo ICP-MS analysis:

Chromium, Cobalt, Iron, Manganese, Selenium, Cesium, Tin, Nickel

So that we can optimally adjust the Oceamo Custom Elements to your pool, we need a  exact volume specification of the pool.


Price includes VAT plus shipping costs. Delivery time approx. 3 to 5 days

Custom Items

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