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The new benchmark in seawater analysis:


-High sensitivity to trace elements and pollutantsby ICP mass spectroscopy (unique in Europe)

-Extremely extensive:Procedures performed in addition to ICP-MS: ion chromatography, KH titration, salinity measurement, photometric phosphate measurement.

-Personal advice

- Sampling optimized for ICP-MS


ICP-MS(ICP with mass spectrometry) is significantly more sensitive, and offers up to10000 times lower detection limitsas ICP-OES. 


This results in the followingAdvantages:


-  Important trace elements  can be reliably measured in the relevant concentration range. This is a great advantage especially for the measurement of selenium, chromium, cobalt, copper and nickel.  Many of these elements can be OES can only be measured when these are elevated.Using ICP-MS, we can also reliably diagnose a deficiency in these elements.


-Toxic heavy metals  (such as mercury, thallium, bismuth, lead, thorium, uranium, ...)can already be reliably detected in very low concentrations. - And thus long before problems are caused in the pelvis.


- The measurement of other elements(such as cesium, tellurium, cerium and ruthenium)is enabled by ICP-MS.


The sensitive measurement of the trace elements also enables a targeted adjustment of the ultra-trace elements. 


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Oceamo ICP-MS Seawater Analysis

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