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Water analysis

Our water analyzes are carried out with scientific methodology and accuracy. We take the time to evaluate and explain the results. - You do not have to be a chemist to understand and use Oceamo analysis.

With our ICP-OES we can safely analyze a large part of the essential macro elements, trace elements and pollutants in the water. Our ion chromatography (with conductivity and UV detection) also enables us to reliably determine fluoride, nitrate and nitrite with very low detection limits. The salinity is determined with a conductivity sensor, and the alkalinity determined titrimetrically. In addition, we measure phosphate with a sensitive photometric method, which determines this important parameter very reliably.

Since the end of 2021, an Agilent ICP-MS (ICP with mass spectroscopy) has been added to our scientific equipment. Using ICP-MS, we can detect trace elements and potentially harmful heavy metals in significantly lower concentrations than with ICP-OES. As a result, deficiencies can be reliably detected and compensated even for ultra-trace elements such as tin, cobalt, copper, chromium and selenium.

1. Oceamo Lab Classic Water analysis

Use our Oceamo Lab Classic analysis to determine all essential chemical parameters in the reef aquarium:

Oceamo Seawater analysis

Basic parameters:       alkalinity, salinity

Macro elements:         boron, bromide, calcium, chloride, potassium,

magnesium, sodium, strontium, sulfate

Trace elements:          barium, chromium, iron, fluoride, iodine, cobalt,

copper, lithium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, phosphorus, rubidium, selenium, vanadium, zinc, tin

Pollutants:                    aluminum, antimony, arsenic, beryllium, bismuth,

lead, cadmium, mercury, thallium, lanthanum

Nutrients:                      nitrate, nitrite, phosphate (photometric), silicon

This will create a "chemical fingerprint" of your aquarium, and together we can optimize it by adjusting the water parameters. 


We recommend having an Oceamo Lab Classic analysis every 2-3 months. This way, you can detect and counteract possible accumulation of pollutants (for example, through corroded technical components), before any effects become visible on animals. 

Together, we can also detect missing (trace) elements in your water and specifically address the deficiencies to further improve the health, coloration and growth of your coral. With our Custom Elements, we produce a tailor-made blend for your aquarium, which corrects all the defects in your tank identified during the analysis, to the ideal value.

2. ICP-MS Seawater Analysis


Use the ICP-MS analysis to get a much more detailed view of pollutants and trace elements in your reef aquarium.

With the Oceamo ICP-MS Analysis, your seawater analysis is performed with ICP-MS (instead of ICP-OES). ICP-MS (ICP with mass spectrometry) is significantly more sensitive and offers up to 10,000 times lower detection limits than ICP-OES.

This hast the following benefits:

- We can reliably measure essential trace elements in the relevant concentration range. This is a great advantage, especially for measuring selenium, chromium, cobalt, copper and nickel. Using ICP-OES, many of these elements can only be measured when their levels are elevated. Using ICP-MS, we can also reliably diagnose a deficiency in these elements.

- Toxic heavy metals (such as mercury, thallium, bismuth, lead, thorium, uranium, ...) can be reliably detected even in very low concentrations. And thus, long before problems are caused in the tank.


- The measurement of additional elements (such as caesium, tellurium, cerium and ruthenium) is possible by ICP-MS.

We recommend the ICP-MS upgrade if you face problems in your aquarium and also at regular intervals to evaluate the trace element levels.

3. Oceamo Freshwater Analysis

Of course we also measure fresh water for you (pure water, osmosis water).

The suitability of tap water for aquaristic use can also be checked with this analysis.

At Oceamo, these samples are given full attention: because problems often arise in the reef tank already during the treatment of the source water. Our instruments are specially calibrated for your pure water samples, and we examine your sample for all relevant chemical parameters. - Our detailed evaluation focuses on assessing the suitability of your water for the aquarium and to give suggestions for improving the water treatment.

4. Oceamo Analysis for Freshwater Aquariums

Frequently requested and now available: All relevant parameters (including nitrite) in your freshwater aquarium are recorded using ICP-OES, ion chromatography, KH titration and conductivity measurement.

This way, we can identify deficiencies and accumulations and fertilization or aquarium care can be optimized.
As usual at Oceamo with a detailed personal interpretation of the results.

This way, we can identify deficiencies and accumulations and fertilization or aquarium care can be optimized.

As usual at Oceamo: with a detailed personal interpretation of the results.


Oceamo Sampling Kits contain high purity sample vials (suitable for trace analysis). Sampling for the analysis involves a 0.22 μm syringe filtration: this filters out microorganisms and particles from the water that could affect the measurement result.

You can find the sample sets for the seawater and the freshwater analysis in Aquarist shops and in our online shop.​

10 good reasons for Oceamo


We can reliably determine fluoride, nitrite and nitrate in low concentrations with our ion chromatography.


Comprehensive advice: we explain what the measured values ​​mean and how you can further improve your aquarium.


Save postage costs! - Hand over your sample to the local Oceamo Partner.


Additional photometric analysis of phosphate. This gives you a very reliable phosphate value.


Extensive quality control. Standard practice from the field of pharmaceutical production.


Fast processing time. You get your results at a time when they are still relevant to your aquarium.


Reliable analysis results through filtration during sampling. We explain you the importance of this in this video (German only)


Scientifically sound methodology. Guaranteed by a decade of experience in research and pharmaceutical production, (PhD of chemical engineering).


Honest values. We only give decimals if they are meaningful and reliable. No deception of the customer.


We check unusual readings with a B sample. No false alarms due to incorrect results.

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