Whether it’s an initial filling, routine water change or correction of water parameters, Oceamo Corrector is the perfect salt for making seawater.

Corrector ZERO is an economic 10-fold liquid concentrate. Through ICP-MS guided production the element profile is optimally adjusted – down to the ultra-trace elements.

Combined with the three Corrector Modifiers, you can flexibly adjust alkalinity (KH), calcium, and potassium values in your reef tank and – if needed – lower them effectively when changing water.

How to make seawater with Oceamo Corrector:

Benefits of Oceamo CORRECTOR

  • Perfectly adjusted elements
  • Optimal for initial filling and routine water changes
  • Effective and fast correction of water values (Ca, KH, Potassium)
  • Productive & homogeneous
  • Easy and quick preparation
  • Flexible Ca, KH and Potassium levels

    • Water change with desired values
    • Avoid fluctuations
  • Online calculator
  • Made from high-purity pharmaceutical raw materials
  • ICP-MS quality control

For the correct use of the Oceamo Corrector System, we offer an online calculator by which the water change can be planned perfectly and easily.

Here you can order your CORRECTOR products right away:

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